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The World’s Largest Collection of 16,000 Woodworking Plans!
Wanted to build something, because you cannot find it ?retail??




How To Start A Woodworking Business

Ever thought of making some money selling your woodwork? Now you can!

With “How To Start A Woodworking Business” book, you’ll learn how to turn your passion into profits.

?This is a?step-by-step detailed guide?on how to make money selling your custom woodwork and it is a great addition to this package.

  • Learn how to?start quickly and operate successfully
  • Marketing your services & what to sell to make money
  • Locating suppliers and working with your competitor
  • Licensing, accounting & tax matters you MUST know
  • Getting help and contracting jobs to scale up your business
  • And many many more…

    Most plans I found are complete garbage.

    Here’s why:

    Plans are not specific enough -?They either lack a step or they lack descriptions or measurements.

    Instructions that leave out vital information, assuming that you are experienced enough to “fill in the blanks”.

    Assume you’re a master craftsman?with access to expensive tools and a large workshop.

    Directions that are too complex for beginners?and “assume” you know a great deal about woodworking itself.

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