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$1,500.00 $750.00

The knowledge and network of experts will make all of the difference in your Amazon business



Let me give you what I was only going to give family and friends
I made the plunge and got top-noche Amazon coaching for $30k. Then I went further and got expert mentoring from coaches of coaches who partnered with me and shared their resources with me. I realized I had all of the success formulas, industry expertise, and connections to help anyone of my friends or family members to build a profitable, scalable, sustainable, low-maintenance Amazon selling business. I wanted them to have the freedom and security that come from a profitable side business, but I would only charge them a fraction of the price. Now I am extending that offer to you.
Start as a pro by leveraging the knowledge and connections of experts!?
When you do as expert do to and get results that the expert get! Use the network and formulas of the top 1% of Amazon sellers. Gain ALL of the knowledge and connections from $30k of Amazon coaching and subsequent expert mentoring- EVERYTHING you need to START LIKE A PRO. Create a profitable and scalable Amazon selling business, following experts formulas, that others do not have access to.
Own a profitable side business without it owning you!
Spend only 2-3 hours a week to become a successful business owner. Leverage my network of experts and Amazon’s FBA. Discover powerful tools to give you a backhoe in a world where others are still using shovels. Do this business like the top 1% does. Launch your business over the next 6 weeks!
Make a small time investment to give yourself time and means!
With 2-3 hours per week, enjoy an additional stream of income. Increase financical security by diversifying your income. See the power of 20% returns compounded with each product rotation. Mitigate risks using expert strategies for product performance prediction before you select products, so you can create healthy returns with very little risk.
I paid the price so that you don’t have to! Please let me give this to you!
I sincerly, with all of my heart, want to help you succeed. I support entrepreneurship, and I believe in serving and helping others. I believe in over delivering value. I made the investment, so that you can start without having the huge hurdle that I had. Please let me give you this training!
Gain unreal advantages that the top 1% have!
These connections give an unreal advantage! Seriously, the difference between having these connections and not is the difference between not making this worth your time versus creating a business that gives steady $10k sales per month that eventually scale to $100k per month. If you are familiar with Amazon selling already, you can recognize the weight of these resources:
  • ?Leverage my connections for product sourcing?agents in China
  • Take advantage of?Chinese contracts?to ensure product quality
  • ?Access?deep connections?in retail
  • ?Cash-in on?huge discounts?on retail products through those connections
  • ?Discover?powerful?product research?techniques
  • ?Learn successful?data-driven?product selection?formulas
  • ?Drive your?product to the top?of the page with mathmatically optimized listings
  • ?Employ a?network?of potential reviewers to launch products effectively
  • ?Run your business like an?expert from the beginning
I got a #1 new release product and $10k sales in the first month after working with some of these connections that I want to give you, and that was just one product. I can’t put any limit to what is possible with the right connections and the right knowledge.
Allow yourself to start a profitable business the right way, and leverage the knowledge and connections of experts.

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