One benefit of spending many years as a student is learning how to live a healthy life on a budget. Here is a list especially for those who say it’s too expensive to live a healthy life. Preparation here is an important factor.

  1. Say goodbye to packaged breakfast cereals (even whole grain), they are expensive, poor in nutrients and difficult to digest. Soak your oatmeal (preferably organic) overnight to reduce the nasty anti-nutrients (see grain – friend or foe article) and add plain yoghurt/ mixed nuts/dried coconut.
  2. Eggs – they are a low cost alternative to meat.
    ‘They are rich in just about every nutrient we have yet discovered’ (Nourishing Traditions). Quality does make a difference, so choose free range (even better organic).
  3. Basic brown rice is delicious, economical and the highest of all grains in B vitamins. It also contains iron, vitamin E and some protein. Soak as with all grains overnight. Another great alternative is wild rice which is not considered a grain but a seed of a native American plant. It is high in protein, B vitamins and minerals. Both are low in good fats so remember to eat with butter to reduce the glycemic index (rate at which blood insulin levels rise).
  4. Always cook extra with leftovers in mind. My dinner leftovers usually turn up for lunch.
  5. Walk more – park the car further away, carry the shopping the little bit extra and don’t forget to take the stairs instead of the elevator.


Source by Craig Burton